Too awesome not to share

Ok, as a person who is getting more and more obsessed with self-organizing and chaotic systems, I found this programming tutorial too awesome to not to spend some time to share it.

The topic is Visualizing the Mandelbrot set. However, it is much more than just a Mandelbrot set. If you are not sure what the hell I am mumbling about then you should watch BBC documentary called The Secret Life of Chaos.

WOW. I love this kind of stuff. :D I am obsessed fractals.

Fractals did give me an interest in math and boosted my interest in computers. My high school programming teacher showed us a documentary about it, and that's when I knew I was making the right decision going into computer science.

Thanks for sharing this :)

Me. too. O_O Chaos is all I think about.

If you are really interested then you shall watch this:



 Fractals - The Colors Of Infinity, by Arthur C. Clarke

Thanks for the links! Watched the first video so far, and have no words. It is hard to comprehend simplicity of underlying rules seeing the complexity of those structures. Going to watch the second video during coming weekends.

Thanks for sharing! I'm not a fan of Pascal, but my algo professor is. He'll have a blast with this.

If you think this is something weird or new wait for the effects of quantum physics. It will blow your mind right off (more likely it will be: wtf? this can't be true).