Toms Clancy's: The Division, excited?

Is anyone else waiting on this release?

I want it to be good, from everything that I've seen about the game made me excited about it, but I am hoping that Ubisoft will be able to delivered what they promised and more. I think they delayed it so much, that they want it to be perfect. I just don't want it to be a disaster.

Tis Ubisoft, so 9 times out of 10 it is going to result to total disappointment and/or utter shit.


oh come on man, sure they had some bad glitching games but, if they didn't release their games when they were broken and released when it was fully completed, would you be playing their games right now if they were fully polished?

If they made a quality game and is not littered with DRM and DLC out the wazoo on launch day, I will buy it

it does indeed make me wanna try it out

I think your wrong there, Ubisoft has released some awesome titles in the past. As of late no but they have a solid track record with Tom Clancy pc games.

Not really. I'm expecting it to be another Ubisoft open world game. So there will be towers to climb to reveal the map and loads and loads of meaningless side missions and collectables.

And I'm not saying that it will be a bad game(although Ubisoft has proven that they can fuck up a lot and not fix their fuck ups) but I've played that type of game in 5 different Ubisoft games and I'm kind of tired of it.

Then there is problem with the technical aspect of the game.AC: Unity was actually a good game on it's own. But the technical part let it down so hard. And the fact that they are pushing The Division so hard graphically it might end up with the same problems that Unity did.

Then there is the part of Uplay. Can't trust that thing to work and know now that I can't play the game then it's hard to get exited about it.

I havent heard much about the game, is it going to be another pay to win multiplayer like phantoms?

It's a Ubisoft game. Everything that looks good about it is choreographed. You're not toddlers. You know what real online experience with these types of games is. It's chaotic and because it's a Ubisoft game you can add abysmal to that as well.

Its not pay to win. If there was a game I could compare it to it's like a cross between DayZ and Destiny but with Ubisoft AAA snowflake engine graphics (which are amazing). It's MMO with NPC interaction like other players and NPC's will try to kill you. I definitely recommend watching the 12 minute gameplay demo on youtube. It's definitely staged but that's how it will look.

I wouldn't go as far to say that.. Ubisoft has bases all over the world and multitudes of teams within each of those operation all working on different stuff. Everyone has off days, except EA..... except EA... (both BF4/BF3 and inquisition were RIFE with bugs)

Only if it comes out for Linux will I be interested in anything Ubicrap has to offer.

I was excited for it, but it has been a very long time since we've heard anything new about it. At this point, given Ubisoft's current track record and their forced use of Uplay, I have lost all interest in the game.

I probably would but they downgraded the graphics for the PC again to match the consoles, that's stupid!

Honestly, I can't say that I am interested any more. Graphics and Ubisoft aside, I don't know what the gameplay is like or what is the objective of the game. It is an online-only multiplayer game, possibly with a faction war, and will probably be best played with friends, which might be difficult to get my friends to play.