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I don’t know. But o hope to see this integrated into things like davinchi to be used with already recorded footage.

I’m going to try to get RTX Voice working with a Quadro M1200 today, wish me luck haha.

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Already had a squirrel moment and went onto something before the RTX Voice thing- this is interesting.

I have a Samsung Windows laptop, 300V5A that I bought in a pinch when I was in the UAE for business. Its a POS laptop but I always digged how it has the Arabic alphabet included with the English on the keyboard (context I’m just a Joe Six-pack white guy from the states).

I hardly ever pay attention to the web search results from the windows home button when I’m looking for an installed app or doc. But this time this caught my eye (searching for a SimData pdf I have).

Think MS is aware of the middle east designation of the hardware? Maybe via MAC address?

Or am I being super ignorant and confusing Hindi with Arabic and/or simply something similar to simdata (in the vids context about phone sims) is just a really common subject there and not elsewhere?

That’s the original Windows install right? I’d guess there’s some registry data or something hidden somewhere about it being from UAE. If it happened after a clean install, that would be really interesting.

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Yes, I believe original Win7 install then the free upgrade to Win10. Pretty sure of this- I did swap from spinning rust to SSD later, but used software to just move the install over, not because the spinning rust had failed.

The laptop has been having intermittent BSDs, I don’t know if the RAM is going bad, or something else. Also one of the two hinges is falling apart, the plastic case is cracking here and there. It’s literally falling apart, but I dig the unique keyboard haha.

Maybe … Change your MAC and check. :wink:
But probably pulls the original language out of the system.

Clean the system and block the spies. In my search, I only have a white window. :wink:

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Walked into the garage and saw my supermicro caddy LEDs saying most of my drives are kaput!

Log into FreeNAS, says everything is fine. Smb shares are good, Plex is up. Weird.


How bad was the panic?


It was more, “uhhgg… what now…”

I’m looking for an excuse to get a ‘do it all’ synology so I’m meh. Plus the FreeNAS box JUST got done with a rysnc backup of my important files, so it can tank, its all good.

So I guess some temp sensors crapped out?

And I’ve never seen this before on my FreeNAS but lots of RAM available, and my video playback is maybe a little laggy? Maybe FreeNAS sees this as well and is shoe-stringed on RAM now?


Uhhg, and this:

Some random supermicro support post:

So I guess I’ll try a reset- maybe a power down (already rebooted) and pull the power from the supplies, let the caps drain and power back up.

You just reboot?

Looks normal depending on how many dimms you have installed.

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I did just reboot, I’m going to open the case up soon as fans are not reporting in as well.

I donno, if service and performance is not impacted (and the FreeNAS GUI is not throwing any alerts) I guess ‘meh’. It will just dig at my inner-OCD that the lights are funky now.

It’s normal for ipmi to show a lot of missing fans. It’s set up to monitor more fans than exist in the system.

The ram usage is normal. ARC is cleared on reboot.

The lights are annoying but I’ve seen erratic lights on those backplanes before. Doesn’t mean anything in my experience.

Seems to be the case. I just did a power down, pulled all the plugs, opened her up, saw I do not have that much RAM sticks installed, saw only 3 fans. Powered it all back on, still have all of those red lights.

What sucks for me is, what changed? Been all blue for darn near a year, and now just this evening (I see the server a few times a day at the very least) they go red? I traced the cables and I think its a culprit RAID (IT mode/JBOD). I have two cards, one is pulling way more weight than the other (one has 8 drives, the other 4, the 4 drive one is all blue, the 8 drive one has the dual blue and red LED thing going on).

But like you said, it doesn’t seem to impact anything so its just going to tick at my OCD.

I just bought some Jameson black barrel, imma need a swig or two.

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Yeah, posted about LEDs being odd on my backplane a little while ago in the sysadmin thread, where I just had one drive not light up at all. Just fixed itself magically.
Seems pretty random… :ghost:


LOL. All the LEDs are just blue again. Random AF

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My apc pro1500 started screaming, cut power to my stuff and showed a code, “F02”. Turned it back on and now there is this:

Batteries are 5 years old so I guess it’s time, but thanks APC for cutting power to the things important enough to use an APC…


It’s seems pretty good though… 96 minutes of run-time showing with a laptop plugged in and power pulled from the wall… Now showing 160min runtime for that laptop…

Welp… I guess there was a very very small and gradual leak, I can’t even see from where on the battery but it corroded the terminal so it ripped off, ate up the plastic as it traveled along the wire. The wiring insulation survived great, but the chassis plastic of the piece that combines the two 12v batteries into a 24v unit for totally eaten up along the wire.

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I watched Mark’s video a long time ago

I’m super tempted to get the super cap kits on eBay, doubled up to 32v for this 24v setup. Yes, it won’t have but a tiny fraction of the capacity. No, I won’t go the extra distance of figuring out the hack to the board to get that little bit more from the caps (or maybe later). But I just want the apc to give me a minute or two to save and shutdown.

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Welcome to the consumer UPS experience.