Tōk Alaska™ | My Road To A Working Retirement By Growing Cannabis

Just purchased my VIP ticket to CannaCon in Anchorage. In talks with potential partner for extra growing space.
I'm excited, terrified and hopeful. We shall see what I learn at the convention.


actually they do the best in 78 degrees F its not like it needs to be 100F in the room & the 1000W lights do alot of the heating work for you if you live in a cold area its better because you wont need to run air conditioners 24/7

Qualifications to speak = Michigan med card.

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I agree 100% you need to have heavy doors and multiple locks bord up all the windows and for god sake do not let anyone other than your employees know where the op is it WILL get broken into and stolen if word gets out.


I live near Ann Arbor, Michigan. The city has been called 'the amsterdam' of the state for good reason. Ounce for ounce green has more value than gold when it travels. I know a few people who gave up the 9 to 5 for this, and I've had a job offer or two in the industry, including management.

I would be careful. Very careful. I would delete this thread lol
For starters, consider that the greatest risk isn't the feds- its outsiders finding out what you're doing. The cops aren't going to try and find out who stole your product, and even if, you will never get in back. Keep in mind that people still kill over this stuff in some places, and what you will have is like having unmarked bills.

You should probably watch Walter White to get an idea of how things could go.... Just kidding. But supply and demand is important. If you know some close peers that you can trust, it shouldn't be too difficult. Otherwise you will have to find them, via collectives or online. Finding people you can trust is probably the hardest part. Like I said, people kill over this stuff- don't think that someone won't travel to find you, because they definitely will.

You can check some supply/demand from THCFinder or Weedmaps. Keep in mind a dispense will never give you full value of your product.

Last, but certainty not least, you should probably know what you're doing. I've seen so many people try and jump in the industry for a quick cash grab, and it can be a lot more than that. You should consider this as a full time job, as maintaining plants is not as simple as it seems. Anyone that says 'its easy' is either full of it or growing that shill stuff that comes to garbage. FYI, this stuff can get mites, mold, and other things you really need to educate yourself on before starting.

Have you considered the costs, risk of jail time, etc? Cause a slip up and either a homeboy is coming, or the feds to put you in prison. In my state, max legal amount per person is 2oz, enough to get you to prison.

It is 100% Legal in AK so no worries about jail time. We can even have 6 plants for personal use without a permit and it will be legalized federally soon enough. I'll be growing about a 1/4 mile down the road from the State Troopers office and will have signage up so deleting thread not a high priority.
Again, Alaska so no worries about security, there is no such thing as home invasions where I live because guns. Beyond that other, less lethal, security options are part of the business plan. Bars, locks, cameras, etc...and I will be living on site and when I have to leave the partner will be there.
Demand, no problem there are municipalities that are not allowing grow operations within city limits but allow shops to sell. Wholesale prices already considered in business plan, ultimate 5 year plan is to have 8 12'X60' rooms growing year round.
Plus a retail shop on site, ideally set up as a American brew-pub/Amsterdam-esque coffee shop. Prime location on the Alaska Highway all tourists driving to Alaska will pass by my place.

One of the things I know will be hard for you at start up is finding a bank willing to work with you as the fed gov still makes it hard on banks that deal with legal weed shops.

One of the things that I'll be learning about at CannaCon this weekend.

lol tell this to the DEA agent that comes to your house, I doubt he will agree. Some police departments in my state were working with those a-holes and I've even heard stories of people getting their med cards cut in half right in front of them. I would not hide behind the law because it will not protect you, even if your state and local authorities are on-board.

These are really needed. Again, just in my experience, I've seen a car full of dudes roll up just to 'look around.' You have guns, but other people do too. Security and keeping people out is a must. I'm sure you're adapt with a gun, but I would be prepared for the worst, and just try to keep them locked out.

Yes, but you should make sure you're following the laws to a T. Do you need a additional permit to sell? Just be prepared in case shit does hit the fan, cause even if you follow the books you are still at risk. The feds have said time and time again they don't really care about state laws, and will try to prosecute always, even if its a losing battle.
This sounds good, but a large operation no doubt. Just be careful.

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credit union may make your life easier as they are normally local and fewer fed oversight.

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I prefer Credit Unions anyway.

Exhibit A: I present to you Colorado. http://wqad.com/2016/09/02/next-step-in-colorado-marijuana-legalization-may-be-smoking-in-bars/

Exhibit B: I know everyone. Plus I am on the volunteer ambulance squad. Don't piss off your EMT.


Exhibit C: I'm on it. I'm also a professional pilot so I am very well acquainted with dealing with laws and regulations. And am currently educating myself on Alaska Cannabis Laws.


I appreciate the concern. Not /s

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I just had a good laugh at your expense lmao


@Calvus dont completely discredit @Ramiel s advice it is 100% legal for a medical grow op here in Detroit but even still I hear about the DEA raiding them all the time to the point ware there forced to close up shop

if you think your safe your not. & if by signage you mean electrified fences , trespassers will be shot etc.. then good but do not post that your growing on the outside of your building 1 man with a shotgun will not stand up to 6 men with automatic weapons... its a sad reality in Detroit. i would imagine the same in cali as well, if there's money to be made the trouble will come.

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Anyway I wish you the best of luck and safety, I really hope it goes well for you!

Heh, Tok is not Detroit. XD

My biggest concern is the religious community and potential vandalism.

Thank you!

Already looking into passive security measures.

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Cali and Colorado have HUGE private security businesses growing around this.

Can we get a general update to where you are as of now? You seemed like you were pretty serious about running your own cannabis business.

seeing it now ><
but you laughed @ my expense now i want my money ;)

@Calvus yeah want update too!