Tōk Alaska™ | My Road To A Working Retirement By Growing Cannabis

Edit: Turning this into a Blog to help me document the process, bounce ideas off the community and hopefully entertain and educate.

In Alaska pot is about to become completely legal. I live in a rural area that is not incorporated so no zoning laws to get in the way and some townships will not allow grow operations within city limits. My idea is to start growing to supply other stores and maybe have my own small storefront/coffee shop. The first thing that I need is a name. I live in Tok, pronounced Toke, I know right. So how about "Tōk Alaska™"?
I live on the Alaska Hwy at the junction where you turn south to Anchorage or continue straight on to Fairbanks. If you drive through Alaska you pass through Tok. I could sell t-shirts and other swag with the logo on top of the primary product.
What do you all think?


and you want to grow weed in the snow? You need a lot of power for that...or do i not understand how Alaska works?

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LOL, indoor grow op. There is a old RV maintenance shop here with three bays that I can double up by adding a second floor. Six grow rooms allows crop rotations and consistent cash flow harvesting every two months.

It has an apartment upstairs and a store front downstairs.

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I know that it will be indoors! XD
But then those things still need lot of heat.
But maybe it works you don't need to deal with hiding the weedscent.

and only name i could think of....its sad...
"The Happy Polar bear" I don't know why it came up...reading it makes me somehow regret posting it.

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Heat is no problem, wood stoves and fans. And I would insulate the bays.

No polar bears in Tok.

Alaska's Blunt ~Homeland entertainment and leisure~.


Hmmm. Wonder if ever it would be legalized here in Ontario Canada. I'm more interested in Hemp products and bio fuel if I was able to grow it on my plot, Then again haven't really read what it takes to produce such things.

There are plenty of plants that can be utilized for bio fuel. Take a look at Jerusalem Artichoke.

Alright I got it... "TokE SmokE Medicinal" - Your one stop cannabis shop! Yea? Well, we will work on it! lol :D

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well all I got to say in this thread is keep it legit and not under the table, be sure to explain any and all certifications and qualifications you will need


Recreational Mary Jane is legal in RED state AK. No Medical BS required.

okay just be aware there still might be some regulations you need to follow

if they just let anyone do it then street pot laced with other drugs might go rampant, so I'd imagine there would be at least SOME regulations

On it. https://www.commerce.alaska.gov/web/amco/

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Yea but it's still a medicinal product, whether you call it that or not, users of your product will still be getting MEDICATED! :D

Just as the customer of our liquor store get medicated every night.


"JUST DO IT", well I mean get prepped. I know people in Cali are raking in 1,000s of dollars per day doing illegal growing. I didn't know the business was that booming. Imagine if they legalized it the profits will be so much lower that people might actually grow it for manufacturing purposes.

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Seriously? Not even one? Okay then "Baked Alaska". Not really a serious suggestion I am just surprised it has not been said.


That did not even occur to me. LOL I'm guessing that one is probably already taken though. It's too good and easy.

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I live in Washington, and there are four different pot stores within 15 miles of me. It's crazy and I'm pretty sure they make a lot a money. Do what you want man, Alaska seems like a place that'd be really popular.

My initial thoughts on potential problems to solve:

  1. security, security, security.
    a. cameras
    b. hard walls on greenhouse, locked doors
  2. distribution.
    a. find legal dealers...
    b. find previously illegal dealers who go legal
  3. taxes
    a. Uncle sam demands his cut and it'll be BIG. Make sure you don't screw up on the taxes.