Todays Shell Shocker! Pretty good entry level pc

Today on newegg it is a pretty good deal aswell as a pretty decent machine that will get you going. The first thing i would upgrade would be the PSU. But 500w seems more than ample for the setup so there should't be alot of stress on the less desireable psu. I would totally buy but money is a bit tight at the moment. 

I looked at it too, its a really good deal. It would save me close to $60 on what I already have build and it would be an upgrade frome FX-8320 to 4670k. But the main reason I would be saving money would be the case and PSU, but thats also because their a downgrade from what I have. But if you really want it I would get it. I personally would get it but I'm in a bit of a delema so I can't :(

No it would be a sidegrade in almost any game especially if you oc the 8320 to 4.0

intek i5=8320oc<8350oc<i7

Much lower quality psu than the one we came up with as a reminder

ya only one stick of ram and a cm psu that failed at being a 550 other wise not bad

I dont trust crucial personally, I recommend, adata, gskill, kingston, mushkin, corsair, and amd ram