To upgrade from i5 3570 to 9590 or not

I am in the position where I have the ability to upgrade my mobo and cpu. I currently have an i5 3570(non k part) and I am thinking of going to a amd fx 9590. I know it is overkill for what I am doing, I like to play my games maxed out on 1080 I also like to stream(I have a capture card). All of that aside what kind of performance increase would I see in games and in general use. I am just not really sure how important it would be to make such an upgrade seeing that most games will not even benefit from the extra cores. I am also thinking about upgrading to a 2k 30 inch monitor this holiday season. Taking all of that what do you guys think I should do, upgrade to a 9590 or stick with my i5 3570(non k part). 

Extra info about my setup:

2 gtx 660 ti super clocked in sli 

when I get the new monitor I will have 3 screens however I will only play on the 2k screen alone


It would make more sense to just upgrade to a 3770k. Switching to a 9590 will cost you more money and in some games will perform worse than your 3570. The per core performance of the fx platform is abysmal. If you want more threads just upgrade to the i7. It may fall slightly behind the 9590 fx at stock speeds in *some* heavily threaded benchmarks, but more often than not a stock i7 3770k is faster than a 9590 (especially in cpu intensive games). Not to mention the i7 has a ton of overclocking headroom while the 9590 is already pretty much maxed out.


FX8350 an 3770K are right on par with eachother.

I would recommend if you feel the need for a upgrade, to upgrade to a 3770K. will be the cheapest in your case. performance will be similar.

In streaming the 3770K will definitely make sense over the i5, cause of its HT, and also Qsync.

I have an overclocked FX8320 and r9 280x. I run between 4.5ghz and 5.0ghz. 


ALL of my games are GPU LIMITED.  A 3570 is fine for at least a couple more years, and a 9590 is dead technology. Save your money and wait for a "real" upgrade. 



Or you could just get a 4790k and be done with it.


Personally, I would stick with the i5 3570. If you want to stream, capture video, play games maxed out; that is all within the i5 3570's capability. Yes, there are CPUs which are a little more capable. Not worth the $$$, in my opinion. I think you could afford to wait until the next "big leap".

I would look to spend money elsewhere, like better GPUs, a capture card.

He doesn't want to waste all that money obviously, when he can get the same performance for 200$

9590 is dead? So is everything else you mentioned, and 2011 will most likely be dead next year.

2011 is gonna stick around for a while.

Since both socket 1155 & AM3+ are dead sockets, I would stay with what you have and either wait till Intel/AMD's latest and greatest or get a socket 1150 mobo and a "K" series processor.

+1 The only games that really use that many cores is Battlefield 3 and 4. And maybe mantle games.

Definitely do not get the 9590. You would also have to get an expensive motherboard and you will not experience any noticeable performance increase in gaming as the single-core performance of the i5's is much better than the 8350's and 9590's. I have an FX-8350 myself but it is complete overkill for what I do (games, audio production).

Also like bob123 mentioned above, I too have an r9 280x and am only ever limited by my GPU, NEVER my 8350. 

I already have a capture card 

well guys thanks for the advice I think I might instead buy a new gpu and possibly a new 2k 30inch monitor or I might just wait until the next big leap in technology before I upgrade. 

That's what I would do man, grab yourself a nice 280x or something and grab a Asus Pb278q or 287q. :)

Got my FX8350 up 5.05 ghz  and has  been running at that for about a year now with no problems. For $333.10 the 9590 seems good value and AMD 990fx mobos even the high end one are cheaper the intel mobos.

True about the motherboards you could get a Formula V for $220. The thing is about the pay $330 for that CPU, but you could get an 8350 and OC it and at least get it to 4.7 or 4.8 maybe even higher, and it will perform the EXACT same as the 9590 at the same speed.

true, got mine fast and stable

Ya, ive built many 8350 systems, never had one that couldnt get to at least 4.7. Doesnt make sense to buy a 9590 unless your not into OC i guess

To be fair my 8350 is attached to a 420 rad in push/pull.