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To the mods.... Private threads?


Just thought of something, and probably it should just be that the answer is google docs, but fuck it.

Private threads. Only one person can use them, that being the OP. Like a notepad or staging area for posts.

I know this is possible as I’ve seen it done. Why can’t threads be done that way for every body? A checkbox with ‘save as’ and a preview with a save as draft functionality a la vbulletin? Then you can work on it anywhere! Or just keep a shortlist of notes for forum use.

Useful for me, dunno about others.


Leaders and mods can unlist threads. It’s basically what you want.

As for why it’s not available to everyone, I don’t know. It might be that it is available to everyone but the way we have it set up it’s only available to leaders or mods. Or it might not be that way. idk. lol.

@Dje4321 knows a titanic amount of discourse.


Discourse kind of already has this functionality but I believe its limited to leaders or admins. You can send yourself a personal message and use it to make notes or draft topics and choose to make it public at a later date or even set a timer to do it automatically.



Just PM yourself. Only you and anyone you invite are allowed in. Admins can still see it, interact with it, etc

Discourse has added a draft functionality upstream so we should get that on here pretty soon-ish. Depends on when this place gets updated

I just try and know all so running my own forum grants me access to this particular thing.


Yeah I think it makes a lot of sense to have this, although it might need to be limited to level 2 or 3 and up. I can imagine a case where a bot could covertly dump data into private drafts just to eat up space in the database.

@Aremis, I’m look forward to some well-edited tirades from you.


you can send a private message to yourself


You run into both a space limit (can only have so many characters before it gets too big) and the fact that drafts will also be deleted after a certain time. They could also just use a PM and have much more functionality with all the same headaches


If you make a PM as mentioned, then if you want to publish it invite a mod and ask them we can move it immediately or set a timer on it to publish it when you want to.


The forum does also save replies and posts. You can type in the box and then close the browser and come back to it. Down the bottom there is “reply” and a trash can, next to that “saved” pops up every flew seconds.

So you kind of all readay can and because you are typing a regular post you have all the previews and functions.