To sell or to build and sell


Looking for best options. I have two B450 motherboards, one Asus, one Gigabyte.

New in there boxes.

I’m in Canada, Ontario.

Listing as is seems easiest.

But a ready to go, decent price machine might be easier to sell?

And/or open to suggestions.

Main goal is to clear out to make way for new, possibly adding to the funds.

probably best to just sell as is and hope someone takes them. Unless you have the money to invest in a machine that might be worth less in a few months when you do sell it, it’s probably best to just try and ditch the boards as they are.

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Sell, don’t buy things to help sell the things you already have


Thank you @justin2112 and @GigaBusterEXE

I’ll list them on Market Place and see how it goes.