To RAID or Not to RAID!

Here is the story:

I have about 3 TB or data on my computer right now. I was able to purchase three 3 TB 7200 rpm HDD during the black Friday sales. I was wondering what was the best option to increase data storage and security. I am considering RAID 5, but I have read online that UREs can happen during a rebuild.

My questions are:

Should I even RAID?

Which Raid configuration is best to secure data and increase storage?

What happens after a URE occurs, do i just restart the rebuild process or is all of the data lost?

Thanks you! 

RAID 5 will be fine. In regards to URE it does happen but no as much as the internet makes out.

Is this on a desktop or a server?

This is for a desktop... Im reading a few articles and all of them are scaring the crap out of me with the possibility of a URE during a rebuild.

If i encounter a URE during the rebuild process: what happens? Is all the data lost? or do i need to just restart the rebuild process?  

I'm not sure I've never had it happen to me, or any one I know,

If it was me doing this I would either back up the data onto another system and then once I had built the RAID I would transfer it back over, 


Look at building a FreeNas system or a WHS.(I did it the WHS way),

What type of data are you storing?



mainly large media files, videos and pictures of family.

Could you expand on WHs and FreeNAS.
Also, have you hear of Ra\AID Z with ZFS?