To keep or sell?

I have this two graphics cards: Gigabyte Radeon 7950 3gb and Msi gtx 660 ti power edition. I want to sell one of them. Which one should I keep?


I'd keep the Nvidia just because I like the drivers better. But honestly they perform about the same, just choose which ever one you like more to keep.

I would keep both, or give it to a family member for use.

benchmark both of em and decide haha.

I have and the Amd gives me a few frames more than the gtx but there are are games that use Physx. Overall I have gotten better performance from Nividia.

sell both of em and get a higher grade gpu from amd or nvidia, like 670/80 or a lovely 7970.

You could always pair a GTX 260 with a high end Radeon card if you want Physx. 

Umm... no, they don't. The 7950 is much better (source).

I would kepp both of them, maybe you can put together a second gaming PC with spare parts

Keep them both, let your Nvidia do Physx stuff and the Radeon the other.