To Help a Friend: 7950 vs. 670

So, my friend is building a PC, and is using a few points from the build I'm working on, and all of the info I've gathered. He does not have a profile here, so I thought I'd help him out to hear what you guys say~ He has been using Nvidia for a long time, so he's rather used to it, so that's what is causing the stress of choosing a different type, or to stick with familiar territory. Here's some info to help though!

- For starters, the build is gonna have an AMD CPU, most likely a 6 or 8 core, whatever he decides, but probably the 8 core

- He is not using it for SLI

- He is not planning on Overclocking it

- I told him he can use the CPU for Physx, but he is aware Nvidia has it there normally, without having to use the CPU. He does want this for sure, though, either way

- He is using 2 monitors. He plans on using one to game on, while the other smaller monitor will be used for stuff like internet, videos, skype, and the like while he's gaming. I asked, and he said he won't be using 2 monitors for the same game, only his larger monitor

- Prices are only going to vary by $15 or so between the two types of cards, based on where he's getting the cards. He doesn't plan on getting a card online, and would prefer in store (but can price match a bit with the online card prices)

He's also worried about drivers, benchmarks, and noise/temps. I told him that it is based around card types, and he is choosing between EVGA, Asus or MSI most likely. Thanks in advance for the help!~

I dont know why he wouldnt want to overclock, but if he would at least try it, the 7950 is fantastic. Other than that, if he plays physx games, get the 670. The asus dc2 one is quite nice. Also, evga dual fan cards are good as well.

Best deal around that price range would be the 760. $250 and out performs the 7950 (whereas the 670 is ~$330, though it does slightly edge out the 760, just not enough to justify the price increase). But when OCing is involved, the 7950 takes the edge (last link).,3542-9.html

In all honesty though, any of these cards will do just fine on a 1080p set up. They will play pretty much any game without any problems. Tell him to get the one that wents his panties the most.

Disagree. When overclocked, the 7950 competes with an overclocked 770


He decided the 760 might be the best option, given its specs versus its price point, saving $100 from his initial budgeting. Thanks for the help guys!

Someone please list the games that use PhysX acceleration. There's not all that many. Don't get me wrong PhysX can be AMAZING for rendering and visual modeling but it's not really used in gaming.

Don't let him base his by off of that.

760 eh? Good choice- It's a very solid card for the price.

Hawken is gonna be applying it soon, and that's one of his fave online games nowadays, so that'd be a boost. Might try the Batman games of recent as well.

And it's not really *just* Physx, it's mostly just being used to Nvidia and trusting them, and the fact that the 760 is so damn cheap compared to the 7950 and 670 o.o And I might even put it in my build, seeing how good it looks for that price. So tempting, so tempting~