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To buy or not to buy? that is the question



At the moment i got a fairly descent play games desktop, and a work station which more then lives up to my needs, since i mainly compile, and program, and offcourse play games.
But i looked up the threadripper cpu’s last gen online, and i could upgrade my current system which is.
ryzen 1700, ryzen 1700+ which ever it is that has 6 cores @ 3,7Ghz.
32gb memory.
nvme ssd.
vega 64 gpu.
and all that jazz.
And a fx [email protected],4Ghz, 32gb ram and all that work station.
But as i mentioned i looked up the last gen threadrippers, and i could buy a mobo + cpu with 12 cores for ~400-500 bucks?, it’s hard converting from european prices to american.
Mainly id just transplant my current ram, nvme, gpu etc. into the new system, install some ubuntu etc.
I got the money burning in my pocket, but honestly i dont really need 12/24 for farting around with some code, and my compiler/workstation allready does a full yocto image in ~2-3 hours give and take some. So mainly it’d just be seeing “dem threads” in my taskmanager, but at that price, and the Epeen from having “all dem threads”, it’s really hard to resist.
convince me wether to or not!.


Neither the r7 1700 or the 1700x have 6 cores. I am going to assume you mean 1600x. So I am going to tell you if you want to spend the money just get a 1080ti or wait for the 1180. Maybe upgrade to one of the 8 core models for your cpu. Is there a reason you don’t your coding and gaming on the same machine?


could be, gotta admit, it’s a gamin machine running the ryzen, at the time 6 cores seemed more then enough, and i never looked back, since it is running windows, basic case of “set it and forget it”.
And yes i do keep work and pleasure seperated, there’s no distractions when i work, and no work when i distract.
back when i had a single computer i used a VM as work station, and when at my window$ desktop i gamed, facebooked and all that, and if linux it was all bout the code.


Might do the dual booting thing. It works well as long as you use to separate drives.


knowing M$ trackrecord of deleting ext4 partions, and rewriting boot partions with forced down your throat updates…
dual boot is not a good idea.
It is one or the other on a system.
you want windows for 1 thing, and thats new versions of DX, sadly it comes with a we own your system philosophy.


I have never had any problems with my dual booting system. I have been doing it for about 2years now. I just have to use separate drives for both. That seems to be the conclusion of everyone else who dual boots as well. If you need separate systems then I would focus on upgrading the fx 8350 system.


A friend of mine is dual-booting Fedora28 and Win10 on his 2400G machine. No problems reported so far.