To buy or not to buy.. Advice on coming price fluctuations

Hey guys!

I just finnished a night full of reviewing, use casing and all that stuff. Ended up choosing the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 15 (the third one with the i5.. they charge 100$ for this 5% upgrade..) for my needs, released in 02/2015

This is what made me choose this notebook:

  • The fablet mode!
    A co-worker just showed up with his own touchscreen-enabled device
    and this plus in workflow was really astonishing. Also I'm getting into gapps/web-based spreadsheeting etc. a lot lately.
  • Numeric pad
  • Resolution > WXGA
  • WLAN ac
  • Performance requirements
    • CPU > Atom, preferably quad-core
    • > 8 GB of RAM, preferably extendable
  • What's also cool is the backlit keyboard, 16 GB of mSSD (even having a slot is awesome) and the video card for the occasional, locally rendered gameplay and dual webcams and dockability

Now I could get this thing for 1200€ (~1300$). It's not very cheap but it's the only usable laptop with numeric pad, wlan ac etc that's convertible. I accept the price tag because it is an IdeaPad and from the looks of it I could hold onto it for 5-6 years or so.
I just looked up some campus sites. As a student I can get it for 979€ (1060$) incl. SSD


I need your help to be aware of the upcoming technical gimmicks that are either going to lower the price of this thing or even make me completely rethink my choice of this notebook.

Do you think I should grab it now?