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Combo ATH-IM50 + ATH-PHA50BT : 125$ (US) + shipping 15$ (you save 16$ + 15$ shipping)

So I bought them from Japan but because it took over 2 months to get to me, I changed my mind and don’t need those anymore. So you get brand new earphone for the lowest price on the market without having to wait 2 months for them to get to you.

So 52 $ (US) + shipping of 15$


Now I’m selling also my Audio-Technica AT-PHA50BT.
Mint condition. Works perfectly. Japan Import. Black model

Transform any of your headphones or earphones into a Bluetooth headset

Includes: USB cable, detachable clip

So 79 $ (US) + shipping of 15$


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Now I'm selling also my ATH-PHA50BT

If you buy the two together, it will cost 130$ (US) + shipping 15$. You will save that way 26$ (11$ rebate + 15$ shipping). And plus you will have a very nice Bluetooth earphone ^^

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price drop on the combo, now 125$ (US) + shipping 15$