To anyone who (still) has their favourite CD album

I want you to try to rip them using the FLAC format. I did it just now and after listening to the music ripped from a CD in FLAC format, I noticed how accurate and sharp the acoustic is. After listening to several music in FLAC, go back to listening any music but this time with your causal MP3 format. You will notice the difference between the 2 formats; almost 0% loss on FLAC.

For my case, I used dBpoweramp with a FLAC codec I downloaded from their site (somewhere). Unfortunately, dBpoweramp isn't free, so that's an issue. But the good news is that any Foobar2000 users out there can do this. Just follow the link here and you'll receive your FLAC! I haven't done this method so feel free to try it out.

I personally can't notice any difference between MP3 320 kbps and FLAC. I tried many times.

There is such a huge difference between flac and mp3. Once you go flac you never go back to mp3

If you have a really good speaker setup or an excellent, real gentlemen headset, it'll be noticable.

I have SRH-440 headphones and Asus Xonar D1 sound card. Not hearing any difference.

then it's probably dependent on the actual quality of the recording. and not so much the format.

EDIT: I agree with fury, it's probably a good variety of things

could be the xonar uses hardware to enhance so well it mitigates the difference, good card that