To anyone, do you guys think you will be doing a steam box build?

Depending on the hardware and what works with the steambox / steam machines, do you guys think you will be doing a low - mid - high - stupidlyawesome tier'd series of steambox builds?


Also, about the album. I have made a nice easy to follow image for you.

Comply and release the album or be met with bears.

thinking about dual booting my current gaming PC with steam OS if i dont build another system.

Might wait and see how others will rate the steambox etc.

I just got done building my steam machine :3 

Its a monster since Im poor right now and can't get a small case :P

I think a Radeon 6850 can handle what I throw at it right now.

I will wait to see how the Steam OS preforms before doing anything.

I might build a apu based shuttle steambox.

Would love to build a small form factor steam machine. My current gaming PC is in a Node 304, so I'd have to build something smaller than that... Maybe the Inwin BP655 xbox360-sized case with a new Kaveri APU (when ever they're finally released).

So many options. I think PC enthusiasts are going to have a lot of fun building steam machines, provided the steam OS lives up to expectations. ;)

Idk yet. Probably eventually but first I am just going to get steam os and start getting games for it if they are available. Steam os is going to need support of pc gamers if it is going to take off.

I've got an old low/mid range rig that I'll be putting SteamOS on to try it out but I can't see myself building a dedicated Steam Machine.