To 780ti, or not to 780ti

I have a friend who is willing to sell me his 780ti for 260. I currently have a gtx 770 and I've noticed I can't play games that high anymore due to my 1440p monitor. Is the upgrade good or should I just get a gtx 970? Its a evga superclock so I know I could overclock it alot if the gpu gods bless me.
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I would get a R9 390

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That's a pretty damn good price. I'd go for it at that price. 780 ti is only a bit slower then 980. You might have some issues with frame buffer at 1440p on that 3gb buffer, but I think it should be fine as long as you don't crank the MSAA.

I got a 780Ti. It works well with most game at 4K, But for some of the newer games I have to lower it to 2K. For that price, it's a pretty good deal.

It is really good price. No reason not to go with it, in my opinion.

Not that there is something wrong with 780Ti, but 390 will kind of outperform it in almost any game...

The graph does not have 390. My reference point is, that 390 outperforms slightly 290X... And 290X outperforms slightly 780Ti...

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the 780ti is a great card, will give you slightly better performance than a 970, which I ran single card at 1440p for a year (upgraded to 970 SLI)