TLOTR Shadow of mordor

What do you guys think of this game? I kind of hyped a bit at first when i saw it, because I like The Lord of the Rings and for th first time I felt like if they were making something new, with what they call the "nemesis system" AKA randomized enemies. 

I know many will say it looks like Assassins Creed, and my question would be... Do you guys think a game can use previously made mechanics but still be a good game? Take Batman Arkham city as an example, it uses combat system from Arkham Asylum but with many more improvements and a good Story in order to be even better than the original. We also have Arkham Origins, which copied the mechanics from city with no innovations at all from my point of view and that made it the worst of the saga.

So to sum up: What do you think about the game? and Do you think a good game can be base upon other's mechanics? or it should be entirely innovative?

BTW I leave you a vid here (I don't know how to embed it)

This looks pretty good, shame about the vague release date

hopefully its not like the rest of the next gen titles. All graphics no gameplay and horrible mechanics and all QT events. looks nice and shiny though.

kind of reminds me what they promised with farcry 3. dynamic story n stuff. but that didnt happen.

Il not get my hopes up but I will definitely be buying it. Although secretly my hopes are really high.. shh

still, that video shows alot of promise even if it borrows alot from other games its still tolkien LOTR

I would prefer slower paced/animated combat, but otherwise I'm pleasantly surprised.

I'm pretty jazzed for it. I've heard people complain about the mechanics looking similar to Assassin's Creed, but come on, who doesn't want an assassin's creed type game set in the LOTR universe. Plus it looks pretty....but as with any game I guess time will tell. Monolith is a little sketchy though, Guardians of Middle Earth was so bad.