Titanfall 2 update

Titanfall has become my favorite games over the past few months. It never died but only a few hundred still play. The numbers are increasing from about 400 to 700 because of the sequel, Titanfall2!!!!
It is on Origen for pre-order and the game is still using the www.titanfall.com website for info.
There is a single player campaighn.
There are cutting weapons (stolen from Optimus Prime no doubt)
The story line will be explained
The original used the Source game engine, no idea what the new one will use.
No word on recommended system requirements (they always lie anyway:))
Single and multi-player trailers here:

edit: IGN and is reporting it will use a heavily modified Titanfall engine

Wait a second...

The original Titanfall was made in the heavily modded 10 years old Source engine,. So Titanfall 2 will use heavily modded heavily modded Source? So extremely modded Source?

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yep...should run great on AMD:)

I want the smart bullet gun gone and I didn't hear it was removed from the new game. Also I don't like this whole deal that the Titans are alive. It is just messed up.

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agreed... remove the stupid newb pistol.

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