Hi all, i was wondering how long the titan would last, and how well would it stack up against the 700 cards? I want to build a mini itx gaming rig, but i dont want to upgrade every year. Thanks.

What resolution?

Get a mid range card (like a 7870, or 660-Ti). That would last several years (3, give or take). But even if it doesn't, the amount of money you would dump in a Titan would be about the same cost to upgrade mid range cards for over a decade.

It will be 1080p, soon 1440p. I have a $1100 budget for the gpu. I can only have one card with itx.

True, but the 6GB frame buffer will help a lot for higher resolutions. If he has the money, though, a 7990 would be his best bet. 0 mictostuttering on the official 7990, and it looks great, for a reference cooler. However, for a monster of that size, I would put it under water.

Get a 7990, and put the rest of the money towards a custom watercooling loop. What mITX case will you be using? I recommend the Case Labs Mercurt S3 for watercooling mITX. Seeing those tiny, but insanely powerful builds is always great :)

I do like the 7990, but the case i have is too small. The biggest it could fit is a 690/680 classified. At this point recommend anything, money isnt a problem.

What is the exact case? I need to know for the clearance; but seriously check out the Mercury S3; you could fit a Titan/7990 in there!


I do like an all watercooled system too, but i dont like the maintenence of one. The upgrading is a hassle for me.

At 1440p, a 690 is out of the question. The 7990s are too long... I would stick with a Titan. However, to be playable at 1440p, it will have to be OCed pretty heavily.

It really isn't that bad; just use plain, distilled water in it, and you'll have to replace the tubing once every year and a half. Easy ;)

I think im going to try to build in the mercury case, and i will try watercooling, it does look awesome. When im done ill be sure to post in the pc build section! Thanks btw

Just to throw in my 2 cents - I'd go for a 7970 GHz edition. It's not as fast as the Titan, most of the benchmarks I've read say about 25% faster, but those 7970's overclock like crazy. An OC'd 7970 should put some comparable numbers, at half cost. Plus, the Sapphire VaporX can fit in said case.

If money is no issue, then Titan is your best bet, but I think 7970 GHz is a more sensible card.

TITAN is probably the best for a mini-ITX for several reasons: low noise, low power, low heat generation, and short length.