Titan vs ARES II

Titan drops Thursday.

   364 bit 6 gig. No benchmarks yet.                                                                            $999msrp


  364 bit 6 gig w/ hybrid cooler. Its out already but havnt seen the benchmarks.      $1499msrp


Kinda thinking Nvidia will win this one.

I don't want to start any flame wars, but whats your opinions?

I've already made a GeForce Titan thread. Please keep all GeForce Titan sources, reviews and debate in one thread so we don't end up with one gazillion by Thursday.


Well they both look awesome as hell, are reportedly very silent, and have great perfromance. The Titan will probably produce less heat since it only hass 1 gpu, but i dont think the ARES will have any problem dissipating its own heat.  I... i just dont know man.... im thinking the Titan is gonna win, since its a 1 gpu card, but maybe only on price performance area. 


Also, linus has it in his videos a few times for anyone wanting to take a better look.