Titan Overhyped?

I hate to sound like a pessemist,but does anyone agree with me? In my opion, it's not super duper amazing. Yes, it has a much faster architecture, but in the end you could easily get a 690 for the same price and get better performance. Not to mention the enthusiast with the limitless budget won't get much advantage from moving from a 690 to a titan, other than lower temps, maybe. 


In summary, I just don't think it's a worthwhile buy when you could get a 690 for the same price, or even SLI a pair of 680's for less.



Not everything will use the 690s SLI very well. thus titan will eat the 690 for dinner.

In my opinion, the Titan is a better choice than the 690 or 680 SLI. First of all, 7970 CF is better than 680 SLI, and for less, but that is a different discussion. Anyway, the Titan provides a 6GB frame buffer, compared to the 2GB of the 690, 3GB of most 7970s, and 4GB max of 680s. You get a very hefty GPU that can compete with a 690, but with additional VRAM for higher resolutions, and without the problems of SLI/CF, such as microstuttering and power consumption. If you need more power, you can add up to 3 more Titans, but only one more 690. The Titan, to me, is a much better card than the 690.

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I think the topic should  of been titan overpriced? 

being as i will have to sell my first born to own one!


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