Tired of playing alone. Overwatch, Battlefield and CS:GO

Hey guys I'm looking for people to play with, i play lots of Battlefield, Overwatch and CS:GO.
I hope i find some volunteers who want to play or other people who play alone.
Thanks guys.

Steam: Kris The Canadian
Overwatch: kristo101
Battlefield: kristo101


Down to play some Overwatch and CSGO
what rank?

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I'll add you on steam. I play battlefield at times and will play over watch when blizzard pulls their head out of their ass and fixes 21:9 support.

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Sorry thats 3 games i dont play well at least till i break down and shell out the 40 for overwatch cuz i do like it and im poor peoples at the moment temporarily i hope.. And csgo i get downed the second i spawn. So i gave up on it .till then its continuing my 600+ hrs in dirty bomb and im hoping i get into lawbreakers alpha when they go live

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im currently rank 17 just add me we can play together

Thanks a lot guys:)

I meant CSGO and also what is the battletag number?

It's nice to see someone else who oves dirty bomb

kristo101 which Battlefield are you talking?

I lost my rank from lack of playing but i think i was nova 2

Battlefield 4

Well I just bought BF4 last night for $4.99! :) I also got those free maps they were handing out for awhile to go with it so maybe we play together sometime. I am DeViLzzFTW on Origin for that game and also for Battlefield Hardline. Nice to get two titles I like so cheap this week. As for playing today not going to happen though as I am watching all the E3 coverage.

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recently got CS:GO and have gotten to rank 9 solo and now looking for team mates for casual and comp.
steam name looming_hawk

Sure thing. I got time only in weekends though.

Be sure to check this as well

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We could play csgo together once i finish building my pc

Sounds good, I can play at night Eastern Time zone cause I work during the day and also weekends

Alright good:)

want to play overwatch but it's 60 dollars !!

40$ if you get standard edition

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