Tips for new GPU passthrough user to get sleep to work right?


I’m new to GPU passthrough, have a Supermicro C612 board with an E5-2650 v4 QS and it seems to work pretty good. Running Windows 10 1803 w/ a GT 740 SC and Renesas u7020202 USB 3.0 passthrough.

One thing bothers me, though - it seems like it’d be good to be able to sleep the VM, is that something anyone has been able to get working? I noticed when I put it to sleep it went from using like 160-170w to 110w per my watt meter.

The VM wouldn’t wake up when I hit the keyboard, though, and obviously there’s no power button, because, you know… it’s a VM…

I have Windows set to have devices wake the computer up in Device Manager (the USB allow this device to wake from sleep thing) and I’ve noticed it doesn’t make a difference (was already set that way when I tried to sleep the first time). Is there some kind of overall setting that can make this work?

I had a laptop I was using for watching TV I noticed wouldn’t wake from sleep unless I hit the power button, too, and I tried all sorts of command line shit and could never get it working…

Anyway, would love to hear if anyone’s been able to get this to work. If not, I guess I’ll just be burning up another 40-50w of electricity. :confused: