Tips for a new pc

I want to make a new computer and these are the parts i want to. use:

- AMD A10-6800K Black Edition,sFM2 4.1ghz

- Asrock FM2A75 PRO4-M,sFM2 (motherboard)

- Corsair Vengeance RED,1866-8GB KIT (2x4gb)

- Western Digital Blue 1TB - 3.5inch

- 6670 AMD Asus EAH6670/DI/2GD3 VGA/DVI/HDMI/GDDR3 2048MB (graphicscard)

- Fractal Design Core 1000 (case)

- Corsair CX Builder Series 600 Watt


If anyone could give me some tips to improve it would be. appreciated :)

Grab a 120 or 256Gb SSD if you can, to install you're OS, giving you the full 1Tb HDD for game's/media and documentation storage...
Also if you're going for a gaming build try upgrading to a 750watt PSU 

dont need 750 watts, espescially not for that card.

What's your budget, what will you be using it for, and what country are you in?