Tips for a CS:GO newbie?

started pc gaming, heard about Counter strike about being 'the core of FPS' any tips? im buying today

Aim and fire. Not much else to say. Get used to burst firing with assault rifles though.

thanks and i guess be disciplened?

I play alot of CS:Go, probably close to 2 hours a day. I currently jumble between Legendary Eagle Master and Supreme Master First Class (2nd and 3rd from top ranked).

To really get good at CS you need to learn how to use sound, and learn a bit of strategy. Strategy just comes from playing (casuals doesnt really teach you any strategy, pubs dont either). If you can learn to just be smart, follow your ears not your eyes and get used to the system of how people play then you can win without really having to ever be that good at aiming. Obviously its a huge benefit to be a good shot, but you can give yourself so much time by just using logic and strategy.

Sorry if this is no help, but I've been playing these games since I was a little guy. They come naturally to me now.

I guess something to work on right now. Buy round always buy a p250 and a HE Nade, if you can afford a M4, or AK always buy them (after armor) and get good with an MP7 and MAG (or sawed off). These are the bread and butter guns. All have roles for certain amounts of money.

Although I don't like being "that guy". Stradegy is not a word, it's strategy.


As for CS:GO...I got it today. I'm awful at it. Reactions are slow in my old age. :/

It's just something you get used to really, I was used to Halo:CE when I first got it so headshots were just sorta natural reaction. But for GO the aiming is a little different. Just use heavy hitter weapons and practice aiming for the head I guess, oh and the most expensive sniper rifle is really really good. (The Semi Auto one.)

thanks guys!

   Honestly, just try and have fun with it to start! Try the different game modes, try the quickplay servers as well as the pub/dedicated servers, maybe look into some of the crazy mods about like the zombie modes. One of the more casual modes is the Arms Race mode, in which for each kill you are rewarded a new gun. This is great for getting the hang of all the weapons and usually the skill level isn't crazy high. Demolition is slightly more tactical, but still gets you used to a variety of guns.

   For the core game modes, especially when playing competitevely, you wanna listen to TallGeese. Sound is a key aspect to the game. Obviously you don't need to spend $150 on a fancy surround sound headset, but a good pair of headphones (preferably cans) help. If you want to improve your aim, especially with a specific gun, you want to find a public deathmatch server. This lets you pick any gun in the game and respawn instantly. This is more for general aiming, and understanding weapon recoil. For knowing how to aim or where to aim in competitive situations, or ideas such as pre-aiming, you might wanna take a look at some CS1.6 or CS:S tutorials on aiming. The game may be slightly different but the core rules still apply.

Hope this helps you out :) Happy fragging!

mmm spelling, I apologize for how bad mine is. I'll edit now.