Tips for a better 550$ rig?

Looking to find a nice gaming rig for a max of 550USD. I'm looking to play on highish settings for my games.

This is what I have so far

Let me know if you can find any faults in it!

The power supply is the only thing i would change, a XFX 450 is $42 or a XFX 550 $50, both are better deals at that price range. Are you set on a intel based build? IF so, you are good to go sir! If you want a AMD series build we can build you one for a similar price, here is a bench of a FX4300 vs a i3-2100

The AMD build you can OC to get some more leg room, are you into OC or are you interested in it? If so, i recomend AMD if you want to OC soon on your current budget.

Thanks John!

Yes I'm pretty set on the intel option so I can eventually upgrade the CPU. So thanks for the input and I will gladly change the PSU.

Are you planning on overclocking in the future? better cpu and gpu

am3+ will be getting another cpu release that will be 15-20% faster witch will be faster than anything you can get an 1155 by then (about 7-12% ipc incress and higher stock clock from what we saw with bulldozer to piledriver) and socket 1155 is dead so next year you will have to get a new cpu mb to upgrade. (you could just go to i7 but still it will cost more in the long run)

Maybe in the future, but I would plan to pick up an aftermarket CPU heatsink if I did.