TIP: Here's a tool to decrypt WD mybook drives if the enclosure fails

tl;dr: https://github.com/andlabs/reallymine

I work as a repair tech in a local shop, we've had several customers with WD Mybook drives that were unreadable after the enclosure failed, or the customer managed to rip the USB 3 Micro B connector out of the enclosure.

The program is written in go, if your running linux it takes all of ~5 minutes to setup go and get the program working, I have no clue about windows as I have never tried it.

One annoying/inconvenient thing about the program is it will not write to an existing file. So you can't decrypt directly to another drive, you have to decrypt the drive to an image, and then write the image to a drive.

edit: I am not the developer of the program, It has been incredibly useful for me at work, so I figured I would pass it along. Github has all sorts of little gems like this if you look around.


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