Tiny House Living

Hello Tek Syndicate Crew,


Recently, I learned about a new concept that has become more and more popular worldwide: Tiny House Living. This is the concept in which one lives in a very small house (usually under 250 sq feet), which forces one to get rid of all unnecessary possessions.

This style of life appeals to me for several reasons:

  1. I am a minimalist, and I would prefer to have few things that are of high quality rather than many things of low quality.
  2. By investing in a small home, I could start my adult life with little to no debt. Therefore, even if I only lived in the house for several years, the money I owed would be going to me, not to pay off interest on a loan
  3. Since the house would be small, I would be able to afford to design and build it myself, which means I could make it my own, and possible make the house self sustaining.

I have been researching several resources discussing tiny houses, but none of them were very technical. Here are my questions for you:

What are your opinions of this concept?

Do you think that such a small house would be a good fit for a pc enthusiast who depends on having a power hungry computer in their home and sufficient space for a reasonably sized desk?


Here are some of my favorite tiny house designs:


Tiny House Drawing

yea ive been watching videos on these for a few years on youtube

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Love, love, LOVE tiny homes. I would GLADLY build/live in one given the chance, however there remains one BIG obstacle when it comes to tiny homes: zoning laws. It is very common for tiny homes to actually be illegal due to zoning laws or the law not having a code for tiny homes, which then makes it near impossible to get the permit to build.

The whole reason you see tiny houses on wheels is that by being on wheels, it is ‘technically’ not a building and so doesn’t abide by the zoning laws being considered a “recreational vehicle”. Part of this though is that it can not remain in one spot for more than a given period of time, so people have to constantly move them around. Here in San Diego, it is just plain illegal to live full time in an RV. To me, this is not a viable thing, So, for all intents and purposes, I’ve honestly somewhat given up hope for ever owning a tiny house in the near future until the laws start to allow such a thing.

Oh, and finish school so that I can hope to make enough money to even afford the land here in San Diego, because holy crap is land expensive here.

Holy necro. But why not?

They’re cute and I’d like to own one. But I prefer living in a bigger place. The only real downside of a bigger place for me is that it’s harder to keep warm in the winter, and the electricity is rather expensive in my neck of the woods. A smaller house would fix that.
Also, they’re not exactly future proof if you’re planning on raising a family one day. It might seem like a distant thought to you now (it does to me as well). But years have a way of sneaking up on you and before you know it you might be thinking about it.

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Three year necro. Thread is locked.