Tin Foil Hats

Dear Logan,

Can you do the tek in a tin foil hat.


That would be awesome, i'd watch it in a tin foil suit, lol :D

They should sell tin foil hats in the store

I approve of this

I put my full support in this idea

If you live up to being a tin-foil hat, he should be wearing one! "They" are always listening and recording our speech thru their brain probes!

The tin foil hats protects you from the nsa's head probes. 

Tin foiled hats are soooo 1990!

Copper mesh is the new style, it protects from WiFi as well as radio ;)

 Tin foil hats protect against anything

Tin foil hats are proven to be the top protector against the NSA.

Once Pistol gets her fur suit they should do the Tek together with Logan wearing a tinfoil hat.

Pistol is getting herself a fur suit? That should be interesting to see lol

They have been in the forest for too long

They should wear tin foil hat and record it in Vindal's lair while talking through voice filters, or is that an overkill?