TimmyTechTV's Top 5 Reasons to Not Use Linux Debunked!


5 is what everyone who "dabbles" in Linux says. Hell, I said it back when I was getting into Linux. As mentioned in the rebuttal video, once you get to understand what the core distros are, everything makes a lot more sense.

4 kills me. It has been years since I've bothered to see if a piece of hardware has Linux support. I've been "burned" recently on a purchase because of this, but it is a very odd piece of hardware. A USB video adapter.

Windows, on the other hand. Super awkward, but in recent years, I've needed to boot systems to a Linux LiveCD to download network drivers for Windows. Talk about your tables turning. My mother-in-law got a wireless G USB stick for her fully updated Windows 7 machine just a few years back. Was not detected out of the box. Drivers for Windows 7 were not on the CD. It was a paperweight for her. I put her on Ubuntu 2 years ago, and she's been having fun with it. She's 60+ years old, mind you, but she's having fun playing with LibreOffice's presentation software, and oddly she has been learning SQL.

3 Gnome Shell or go home. But really, if people want to bitch about GUIs, they should ask why so many features in the Windows GUI are ripped directly from Linux GUIs.

2 This is what bothers me the most about these types of videos. This guy, in particular, wants Adobe but it's not available in Linux. So this is why you, in general, shouldn't use Linux. I totally agree with the response. This is an IT person problem. Sit a regular user down at Linux, with an interface that looks nothing like Windows, and they will start to explore. They'll start looking for the applications that they need to get their shit done. They may prefer MS Office to LibreOffice or Google Docs. But for as much crap as IT people give end users, end users are fscking resilient, resourceful creatures when they have a task that needs to get done.

1 If he thinks Linux is too hard to use, he either hasn't used Linux in the last 10 years, or he doesn't understand how to use Linux from the perspective of a normal user. I'm pretty sure the issue is the latter. In a sense, he falls victim to his own stipulation of "don't comment if you're a smart user, I'm not talking about you!" In my experience, Linux becomes hard to use because I screw with it.

When I make an effort to use a clean install of say Ubuntu, and avoid the command line, I can do all the things in the GUI. In fact, it was a lot easier to do all the things in the GUI in Linux than it was in Windows 8/8.1/Server2012 when the people at Microsoft apparently got hit over the head and forgot what a visual cue was.

And support? I feel like Windows isn't really well supported. If I think about it, most of the regular users I talk to talk about having their OEM fix a problem with their machine, but they're concerned that the OEM is, regardless of whatever the source of the problem may be, going to wipe and reimage the hard drive. That's where scam shops like Geek Squad come in. You can take your computer into Worst Buy and have Geek Squad reimage the drive. Woooo. That's not good support. That's not root cause analysis. That's, "any number of things could be wrong with this machine, so I'm going to nuke it from orbit."

Which is odd, because if you ask some of these mom & pop shops why they don't support Linux machines, it's because any number of things could be wrong with it. But that's okay, they can keep their shitty "support."


And also you can argue there is a "supported" version of Linux, even though they are, you can pay for Red Hat that you pay for support yearly.


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TTTV is a bit of a twat. He fanboys on what he knows and if he can't sell you it he yells at you.

If he honestly can't look an Unity, see the big ass button in the corner and click on it to open the menu, or see the top bar and the universally known wifi icon, I'm sorry, but he's a tard and he can get over himself.

I'm not actually sorry, he can eat shit.

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I'd enjoy watching that...

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Lets Mythical Man Month that shit to make it happen lol. Show him what linux is all about.

WoW works on Linux, you plank. i played 4 hours of it today and it was fine. jesus, this guy's a bit of a wanksock.

You can agree or disagree with someone but what you need to do is avoid personal attacks on people.

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Timmy sounds like a cretin.

NUMBA THREE... GUI. What the hell Linux? This goes kinda into the OpenSource too, but... there are no good UIs. They're all horrible. XWindows is the one I personally like the best (...)"


I stopped right there as that line crossed my pain threshold level by far (read: I didn't watch your rebuttal, though I hope it was as epic as a "Logan Facepalm"). That guy doesn't even have enough smarts to actually tell apart a windowing system/server - like X11/X-Windows or Wayland - from an actual User Interface - like Cinnamon, Gnome, KDE, Unity,...

Comprehending basic concepts or, at least, doing some homework before running the mouth might've been the better choice than to proudly display being a utter idiot.

No wonder I never heard of that wannabe TechTuber ever before, though I dare to remember I heard his channel name before, or why I don't give a flying F about the majority of the bunch (TekSyndicate and a few select other excluded from this statement). They are, in most cases, nowadays completely over-rated and over-hyped "QVC presenters" who get stuff shoved up their rear because they are a cheap way to sell to the unwashed masses (EDIT) or spread an agenda, propaganda or just plain FUD (/EDIT).

Anyhow - that guy should well better keep on tossing his mouse cursor around in Windows where he might have a minimal understanding of what's going on.

TL;DR: Top reason not to watch videos from complete idiots.

So homeboy doesn't like Linux.

That's cool. Not sure why he needed to make a video with false information on it. Just leave it as it doesn't meet your taste. Because you can't argue taste. You can sure as hell argue everything he said though.

  1. The too many distro thing is silly you can't control what people do with open source or it wouldn't be open source. Snaps and Flatpack has folved the distro problem.

  2. My Desktop didn't need a single change for it to work out of the box in Linux. Took me an hour to download and install drivers on Windows. And the lack of drivers isn't the fault of the OS either it is the fault of hardware manufacturer. Broadcom is Satan on all OSs as well.

  3. No good UI's? In other words Timmy doesn't like change. Cause having both a control panel and a settings menu is intuitive. And gotta love ads your start menu. And that is such a subjective thing you might as argue what color is better.

  4. Complaining about the lack of Creative Suite is silly that would be like me complaining that Windows doesn't have Darktable, GParted, LaTex or KVM. Not the fault of the OS. If he like Abode products so much why doesn't he use a Mac? It runs best there anyway.

  5. Ease of Use? Ummmmmm, I have installed it on multiple old machines for non tech savvy people. They had way less issues. And yeah, if you install the OEM version of Windows you don't get actual support. Same with Linux. If you have Linux, OSX, or Windows preinstalled on a machine you get support. No difference.

I don't get why he would open himself to so much criticism. Use what you use you don't have to justify it.


I am going to be the black sheep here and say that I agree with TTTV on a few points.

1: His comment about there being too many distros is slightly valid. I think bryan lunduke talked about how all the forking in linux is kind of stupid and pointed out how mint as a distro in particular is kind of pointless these days.

I do not have a problem with the number of distros we have. I just have an issues with people trying to reinvent the wheel and slowing down development as a result.

2: His comment about drivers is 80% wrong and maybe 20% right.

Driver support is now on linux in full force. But its still a bit quirky. On ubuntu you usually can not install a recent nvidia driver without installing xorg edgers ppa. I have no idea why this is even still a thing.

Wifi drivers are still finicky sometimes. A lot of people with the dell xps 13 still complain about this problem. And if you have ever tried to install linux on a mac, you would know the driver support for things like battery meter and wifi are also a bit spotty to say the least.

Linux has come a long way with drivers, but it still has a lot of work to do before it is what I like to call grand mother proof.

3: His comments about the options of UI are kind of unfounded. Enough said.

4: I completely agree with TTTV. While I would not go as far as to say I would not use linux (especially considering it is my daily OS), the lack of adobe and autodesk support is frustrating to say the least.

5: Bull shit bull shit bull shit.

Not to mention the rest of the day to check for, download and install updates with at least 4 reboots before even being able to think about getting anything done.

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Depending on the Autodesk products you need, personally for me Maya, Mudbox and Motionbuilder all have Linux versions. Same for the renders that go a long with them.

I think there is actually only 1 problem with Linux.

People are so used to Windows, that they cant think of how to do something differently. They dont want to feel dumb, and think that all computers should work the same way windows does. They dont want to even try to learn a new way of doing something, even if its better.


Inventor : /

Really this is the one big problem. And moreover, I think it's limited to tech professionals and tech enthusiasts. I've put a number of regular users on Linux, and in general they've been fine with it. It's not a 100% success rate, but neither is the switch from Windows to MacOS. Some people found that they needed to revert for various reasons.

But the point is that most people aren't given the chance to try something new, because a regular user isn't going to install Linux. They need a tech professional, a tech enthusiast to do it for them. I suppose I don't begrudge people who don't know Linux for not putting Linux out there to see if a user will sink or swim with it. If they don't know Linux, they can't help a user with Linux. But at a certain point, people like Timmy here need to understand that they play a crucial role in this self-fulfilling prophecy.

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Not everybody can write an OS with their eyes closed. This top 5 is probably for non-linux users and probably way before Mint OS or basically plug and play Linux distros like Unbuntu was invented. What's worst about the linux community is asking for help and no one seems to know WTF u talking about and these are the smart-asses in the community, not casual youtubers. 10/10 you just redownload a repo or reinstall something and it works. Asking for small quirks and options on the UI to change, good luck, you might as well install another linux distro.