Time to upgrade from phenom II x4 965?

I have a phenom II x4 965 and I was planning on getting the sapphire vapor-x 7950 to upgrade my asus 6670. I understand the CPU wont be much of a problem in regular single player games but I was wondering if the CPU has a big part in MMOs. Is the CPU the major player when there's a shit load of players in one area or is it the GPU? if the CPU does have something to do with that should I upgrade it for a game like gw2?

There is no immediate need to upgrade the Phenom 965. It is still a good CPU. You will gain benefits from upgrading to more current hardware. However, it would need to be a "worthwhile" upgrade. The Phenom is a competing CPU in performance capability. It's pretty close to the FX6300, I believe.

The 8350 or 8320 would be a good choice of CPU. It would be quite inexpensive to upgrade to either CPU if you have an appropriate AM3+ motherboard?

Just get your video card and if you feel like CPU is bottlenecking you, upgrade it. I think if you have Phenom II, your motherboard should be able to run FX-*3**

if you have an appropriate AM3+ motherboard

Some AM3 motherboards are compatible with AM3+ CPUs if manufacturer released a BIOS update. 

Yeah. In short, the Phenom and the 7950 is a pretty good pair.

Good to know.

awesome, thanks! i thought i was too far behind the times.

yeaa, we'll see how it goes

On a side note should u upgrade my Asus M4A785TD-V EVO 785G motherboard as it has no Sata 6gb/s because im using both a ssd and a hdd. Will the port slow my ssd. ps the phenom ii advice helps too :D Its my first build so any advice helps

Sata 2 is enough for SSDs. 

Upgrade your motherboard when you feel like upgrading your CPU.