Time to switch over to PC gaming!

Why am I so upset about Xbox one? I seriously don't think a lot of people understand some of the long term implications the "features" this system will have. Do you think you could use this opportunity to talk about what/why it's important not to buy into this type of product? With the recent verizon fiasco, I think its important people know not to buy a product that is going to spy on them and that the information they obtain can/will end up in the wrong hands. Plus all the fees and restrictions are ridiculous. I know you already had a rant 30 about the "spying feature" but I think a lot of people need to understand everything that microsoft is doing with this product from a reasonable perspective that doesn't include 50 f bombs in the video (thanks youtube). This is also a great opportunity for people to understand that switching over to pc gaming is a better long term solution and a huge money saver (potentially). I know my money is going towards a new Asus gaming laptop instead of an underperforming console, plus being in the military requires more portable gaming solutions. Thanks for what you guys do and keep doing it until it "megahertz"!

LOL sorry buddy, but if you think anything connected to the internet is secure against the gov't, then you are sorely mistaken. Problems with Microsoft, you won't be using windows. Apple is worse yet. 

^ This.


Also bud, you say you're in the the armed forces.
 If you were paranoid about the govt spying on you and collecting data you wouldn't of joined in the first place. They've most likely gone through your records with a fine tooth comb already.

Don't get me wrong, I can respect your work choice, I'm just pointing out the irony.


Best of luck with the PC gaming. :)

You guys missed my point, of course my info is accessed. I'm in the military, I signed up for it. I mentioned they already had a rant 30 about the info stuff...but there is a lot more going on with the system that essentially shuts down gamers.... a lot of my friends don't understand why they should steer away from a product like this (military or not) and I think the guys here at tek could provide a level headed list of facts vs the cursing storms YouTube has offered thus far.