Time to OC the RAM

So I bought 16GB (4x4GB) of G.Skill Ripjaws-X DDR3 (Newegg) rated at 2133MHz. Atm speed is set at default 1600MHz, but I'd like to OC it to its rated speed.

Problem is I have zero idea of how to do this in a sensible way. Plus, from what I heard, 4 sticks is gonna make it tricky to achieve a stable clock.

I was hoping someone here might drop a few hints on how to start?

This is the CPU-Z report.



G.Skill forums has a nice short tutorial on how to do it with my MoBo. When I get more confident I'll try more advanced stuff.

Alright, first testing I have set the RAM to 2133MHz, v1.59. Latency values pretty much what memory is rated for (noticed at 1600MHz in auto they were lower).


I have no idea what software to use for testing stability lol. I'm gonna go with 3DMark11 and Unigine for now.

EDIT: Well, nothing crashed so I'm guessing it is stable, for now. Funnily 3DMark11 result didn't pick up the new speeds in the report.

not really worth doing, overclocking ram brings little to no improvement on a system with a discrete GPU

same with buying 16GB of ram, when you will probably never utilize over 8gb

not to mention, that on very hard CPU overclocks you have to turn down ram speed and increase the CPU multiplier further, for stability, which kind of negates the purpose of buying fast ram for overclocking, unless you buy a multiplier locked CPU

Thanks for the info. However some computer build videos on this site, and others, do go for 2133MHz clock ram. Perhaps there's more to it than that?

Thanks for the input on my decision for going with too much RAM. Albeit I admit most of the use I'm going to give the computer is gaming, being a home computer, I might also need that extra memory to do some work. With that in mind, 16GB of same-kit memory will save me some headaches in the future, don't you think.

On topic now. Do you have any tips or info on how to overclock the RAM? Have you done this yourself? Would you like to comment on some things you have learned that I should avoid when doing further tweaks?

Thanks a lot for your time!

depending on the bios you use, you can either set it to 2133 Mhz or increase your base clock until it reaches 2133 Mhz which will also overclock your CPU


as for things to avoid, dont push the cpu too far past 85c

go into the memory settings and change it to 1866, and then change the timings to 9-9-9-24, that will benefit greater in games than the 2133 OC will, low timings are good for games, if you can get away with 8-8-8-20 go for it

Bad idea oveclocking memory is really tricky and since windows does not have any safety measures for unstable or overheating memory it is very easy to destroy your dimms. I recommend on going and reading full guide from book or something befor doing enything.