Time to long AMD Shares again?

Its back to that time again!!!

AMD are back at around $2. So its junk or climb again.... I keep saying $2 is junk, but I keep buying and never shorting @ 400.

I'm going to probably long today at 200-215 ish...

I think it maybe really be over though...

I bet it becomes $1 low - $2 year high!!! I'm guess $3 again once the Zen train gets rollin'

AMD is better than roulette.

I think its a very good time to take a position.

I bought 14 shares just last week

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You bought last week? At around 250?

I think that was a bad decision, but that's easy to say with hindsight.

I'm going to buy today because of the drop yesterday. 209ish isn't a bad price. 250 is a strange one, because 200 is seen as junk and 300 is inflated.

Hype-Release-Pop (AMD trading structure).

There's a few guy on here who also speculate AMD shares, I think everyone buys after the Hype bust that inevitably happens with all non-APU releases.

You bought the Fury X hype price. It makes no difference if your holding the shares super long though... Zen hype will be stupid. I wonder what the hype price will be this time...

I'm not going to sell until they get to around 4.50, and I'm not going to buy any higher than 2.50, so I'll buy 5 more shares when I get my paycheck
I expect it to go up with zen and when the Nano and more fury cards are released

I hope Zen pushes to 450.

I'm not sure it will happen again though...

Hopefully we all make money!!!

"Nano and more fury cards are released", I think you're right, this is the low. The consumer cards should sell.

If not AMD may really die... Its amazing how long they've survived on Zombie mode.

are really getting into small form factor PCs now, I think its safe to assume that the Nano will be the best in its form factor so it'll be the go to card, and if the server version of Zen goes in the direction that the igpus are workstation grade that give accelleration then I pretty sure that will go over well too

Fundamentally AMD are a dead horse...

They are losing market share in a market that's shrinking.

The only reason I'm longing them is because it is very cheap to do.

Even small form factor won't save them in my view... They are in such a massive hole. The shares you buy are basically classy penny shares.

Too bad there's no easy way to simply buy just one share.

Just bought some. Let's see where this goes.

... A vision from the future: Zen will be a massive flop and AMD will go bankrupt.

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@Streetguru , trade it!!!

I just placed my order -

Let's see how she rolls!!! It's just a stab in the dark for me.

That's 10 GBP per pip with stop at 111.62, so every $0.01 is 10 GBP or $15.40 long. I loose $1000 if it hits 111, but I'd close long before then anyway.

@wkpsfbx agreed!!! They will screw up like always, but the underdog dream is very powerful. News from AMD still effects the market. Just put in what you can afford to loose.

So I guess you should sell right before the release, so you can ride the hype, yet avoid the inevitable trainwreck.

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That's the plan! We'll see how it goes.

I read this site, check this article from yesterday...

for now, everyone should hold off. Best time to buy amd stock is in Feb-March or early April (as its pretty much at it lowest)

amd big profit game is only once a year. If you buy stock now, I presume you will loose at it.

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If AMD goes under...........I fear for the PC market as Intel/Nvidia will have absolutely no reason to not price hike as well as produce quality products as there will be NO competition in any form.

If I could, I would buy up as much AMD stock as possible. Give them a little more headroom. Add to their cash flow just a bit.

I'll keep this posted in the future. I still think its a good time to place a long trade. The reason is I can buy a low stop very cheap. A 100 ish stop at 10 a pip for $1000 exposure on a 200 share is not too bad.

I am a gambler at heart.

I agree with @anon5205053 you shouldn't be buying these shares expecting them to go up. They are junk shares! Please remember this is pure gambling... Buying AMD shares is not a very good investment strategy.......

I'm actually a little worried I may have encouraged people to buy the shares as an investment... I'm saying it maybe a good time to place a bet on them not to buy them - there's a difference!!!

Please buy a better share class for investment! I'm gambling on a limp racing Greyhound (just on odds)... I'm not buying the dog!!! Please be careful;

I haven't logged on to TekSyndicate for a while as I'm travelling.

I said I'd keep this post updated so I thought I better keep my word, even if it is after a while.

AMD shares got very rocky for a while, but I didn't pull the plug on my trade.

It went down as low as 162 for a while and bounced around there and 200, now it's back up at 220 ish so I'm in profit again (was down c $450 now at c. $100 profit)

My trade finishes on March 16. I'm going to keep it running anyway (even though I probably shouldn't!!! $10 a pip is quite a big gamble), but what do you guys think now? I'm not as bullish as I once was... I not sure AMD will survive in its current state. Zen needs to have a name change to Lazarus.

Did anyone buy at 160-70 because if you did I think you've done a great job, I really thought 200 was the bottom even though I knew 100 was possible, I presumed mergers would push from there... I guess I've got a hat to eat...

I expect that they will jump to around 10 when Zen or the next gen of Radeon releases. If I had a trading account, I would be buying AMD stock to show my support and try to help keep AMD afloat since they are a good company making quality products. Their current products just are not enthusiast grade products. More like Business grade.