Time for Upgrades

My current build is getting old and I just can't keep up with new releases anymore.

Gigabyte Ga ep45 ds3

Intel Quad Core Duo @ 2.4

Nvidia Gedforce 8800 GT

The board supports 770, so i cant upgrade the processor without upgrading the board.

Wut does I do?
(I'm a teenager, thefore poor)

Should I start a new system from scratch? get a new GPU? Ideas?

You should try and create a budget to see if it would be cheaper for you to upgrade, or build a new system from scratch. 

If you just get a new gpu, you'll have to consider bottlenecking issues, etc. 

Think about what kind of things you'll use your computer for too.

If youre on a strickt budget go wach Logans build a PC videos or other!

If you dont whant just tell us your budget for a new PC because Izrail was right if you upgrade something it wold bottleneck the other parts!

Good luck!