Tight budget $380 build

Whats the cheapest build you guys can make that includes OS, keyboard, and mouse? I'm getting a laptop but could effectively get a desktop instead if I can get it cheaper and better performing that the laptop, the laptop has an A8-4500M CPU with 4 GB's of RAM and it can actually run BF3 on medium settins above 30FPS, the price for it is around 375 US dollars. Can anyone go cheaper whilst including OS and K/M. I would do it myself but I'm not knowledgable with older tech. 

okay first of pirate the os second of all dont get a cd drive you can save 20 dollars there for a keyboard and mouse and were would you wanna buy these items i would be glad to help in anyway if i can

if you are in canada please let me know considering there is canadacomputers in my area and also do you care what the case looks like??


you may wanna look at this dip the graphics card and get a case 

in the future you could upgrade the cpu and get a dedicated graphics card


Don't get computerg's thing...that's a list I made for someone else to upgrade their current outdated computer with.. Idk why I suggested a graphics card lol. The ATX version is a little cheaper. I'm so used to the M-ATX one being cheaper I picked it haha, my bad.

I personally wouldn’t get Spenlard build. The A10-5800k just can’t beat the other options out there at the 380 price point.

My build:  http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Hhhg

If you look at this website: http://www.legitreviews.com/article/2047/5/ you will see that the APU gets a 3dmark 11 Pscore of 1521

My build gets a Pscore stock of 2860

When overclocked it gets a Pscore of 3556

Here’s the website to back that up: http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/6188621

So based on that one benchmark my build (or any similar build these guys come up with) will way outperform the APU.

Also the motherboard/cpu is an AM3+ socket which allows you more of an upgrade path. Although if you can find a better motherboard for the price I would as my motherboard only supports 8gb of ram.

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I was going to try and go seperate, but I think the A10 suited it better. I'm still skeptical by the athlon you picked a bit but eh. Why not. Bump up to a 500GB hard drive and yours would be perfect. Good job man. Mine has more cpu power, but yours has much for graphics capabilities, and it's more upgradable.

To op; get chevymans, but try and splurge on an ASrock board like the Extreme 3 970. Or grab a pro-4 or something with usb3 and grab the rosewill redbone u3.

Your right about the porseccing power. I was impressed with the A10 pyhsics score.  The athlon was cheep qaud that i could overclock. The phenom if you can get it on sale would obviously be better.

I'd go with this:


The graphics card is decent and if you want, you can get a better motherboard (one with usb 3.0 and sli capabilities) for about $40 more.

I like your build. Think I could bump up to a Phenom X6 1045T for 20 bucks more. Need to get a  bigger HDD and faster memory though. Thanks!

I need an OS too though

I see no PSU in there.

Go mow some lawns and you could get this for 430$, its well performing:


Pirating is always an option for the OS.

I don't think he finished it lol

I would but I always have bad luck with Windows 7 so imagine having to call tech support over something going on.


I ran the build with the other sugestions. It comes out to 440 bucks. that with your X6. Thats a good build but if i was going to build that i would get a nicer PSU and more ram. so at the end of the day you have to ask yourself what you want, is usb 3.0 really worth it? or do you just want to play some games. I wish i went with a better mobo but that is the only thing I would change with my build (got a bigger hdd anyways just not on my pc partpicker build).

I can tell you with a nice mobo in an AM3+ socket you have a nice array of processors you can upgrade too. An athlon II x4 640 will overclock nicely its cheap and fast enough for right now. The 7770 can play most games on highesh settings at 1080p and as long as you dont want usb 3 (or can settle with it on the back I/O) the zalman case is good with (i think) good cable management.

So if i was doing it over agin i would get this: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/KopL

Then download windows 8 lol I never had a problem with 7...

No point getting a usb3 case without a usb3 motherboard. Just go with an nzxt source 210!

I'm scared of Windows 8, has a higher learning curve that most games lol. But in all honesty I heard that it does have its issues with compatability.

I understand. Then it sounds like 7 is a good option, Im not sure you can get tech support on a pirated os. but you should be able to google everything you need. if not then go ahead and buy your os, thats going to cut into your pc budget big time. So just be prepared to save up a little more.