TigerDirect Vs. PCpartpicker $650 build

I was poking around a TigerDirect sales letter I get in my email and noticed that they had a sale on a barebones FX 6350 computer. As it stands today, that barebones PC costs $389.99. I began to wonder, could I make the same build with a GPU cheaper than on TD? So, I replicated the barebones build on PCpartpicker (I had to plug in the RAM cost from TD) and added a XFX Radeon HD 7870 to it and then preceded to compare it to the TD barebones with the same GPU.

I want to know what you guys think of this and if you think my build would be a good $650 budget build with the parts that are present. 

Tiger Direct



I was able to shave off roughly $20-40 off the TD barebones. The price range varies because I do not know the shipping costs for the RAM.

Edit: Put in new link for TD clone build

TD link doesn't work :/

Just change the PSU to a better one in the PcPArtPicker link, and it should be pretty good.

Huh, weird. I'll get on that but just to let you know, the price in the TD shopping cart was $727.

Ya, those ultra power supplies kind of suck. With TD look at the stats on the ram. Is it some oddball cas and timings. Plus you can get a better deal on a 7870 then XFX runs. They never come down on price. You might consider looking around for a better deal on the gpu. You can find 7870s for around 180 to 160 still. I think powercolor was the cheapest i have seen.