Tied Audio Outputs

The reason this is in inbox.exe is because this is something i have been asking around about for months, and as such with no success still, im opening it to all.

How many people are familiar with Virtual Audio Cable? basically, this is a program that allows for manipulation of audio input, tieing multiple inputs together, so programs that use ie: microphones aren't just restricted to a singular microphone. A handy solution.

What i have been researching is something similar, except for output. Windows 7 only allows you to output to 1 device at a time. What i wish to achieve, is to have audio streamed to multiple outputs at the same time, for example, a tv AND a headset, without having to change settings. By method of Virtual audio cable, they would create a virtual device that windows sends the audio information to, then the program would then send it simultaneously to the multiple devices. Does anyone know how to do this?

The only reason I am asking is that my old method no longer suffices, as now that I own a USB headset, and not an axillary, i can no longer use Realteks software to stream identical streams to both my headset and my surround, located under the tv. Any help would be appreciated.

10 days and nothing? Noone got any advice or input at all?