Tiberian Sun: Reborn

Are any of you guys familiar with the Command & Conquer series, in particular Renegade and Tiberian Sun?

If so, a group of people over at Bluehell Productions have recently released a total conversion mod, recreating Tiberian Sun in a first-person-shooter perspective using the old W3D engine that Command & Conquer Renegade used.

Here you can play as the various infantry featured in Tiberian Sun such as your common light infantry, GDI disk thrower, GDI Jumpjet Infantry, Nod rocket infantry, including Nod cyborgs and even the cyborg commando. You can also play as the railgun-toting ghoststalker and the Forgotten's Umagon for GDI.

There are a variety of vehicles featured in Tiberian Sun: Reborn that most infantry units can drive, such as the Wolverine, Titan, Hover MRLS, Disruptor, and Mammoth Mk. II for GDI; and the Buggy, Tick Tank, Stealth Tank, subterranean Devil's Tongue and APC, and Attack Cycle for Nod. Aircraft are also included in Tiberian Sun: Reborn such as the Orca Fighter, bomber and transport for GDI, and the Harpy and Banshee for Nod.

Trailer for Tiberian Sun: Reborn


Bluehell Productions also works on the following projects:

-Red Alert: A Path Beyond - Another free-to-play FPS set based on Command & Conquer: Red Alert

-Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising - An upcoming free-to-play FPS based on Red Alert 2

If you are interested in Tiberian Sun: Reborn and the other Bluehell projects, visit http://www.bluehellproductions.com for more information and blogs regarding all 3 projects.