Ti-84 stopped working

my ti-84 iv’e had for years was working fine 2 days ago then it would not boot I replaced the AAA’s with good fresh battery’s and even the proprietary backup battery it turns on in a boot sequence and says “waiting please install operating system now” it won’t detect in the TI Software and the cable works because my friends ti-84 plus CE detects fine any ideas

Whats the PCB look like? Any blown components?

nope hoping not to open it up just yet

If it isn’t recognized by a know good cable something should be wrong on the circuit. If you fix that you should be able to load the OS back on it.

opeining atm ill update pics

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There isn´t much to go wrong in them. There is one memory chip and a big “magic TI sauce” chip that handles everything (I/O port, USB, keyboard, display can even do color).

The only thing I can think of is that one of the elko´s (large round capacitors) went short circuit and now the memory/storage chip does not get stable enough power to supply data.

Edit: Oh, there is a picture!
Take a look at those two. If one seems to have a buldge on top, replace both.

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