Thunderbolt 4 on AMD MoBos

I was wondering if it’s possible to get TB4 on my B550. I was considering the Asus ThunderboltEX 4, in the compatibility section it says:

ASUS Intel 500 series and later models with 14-1 pin Thunderbolt header.

Does this mean I need TB headers on my MoBo for this to work? I’m okay with partial support, I just want to pass my display through a dock.

PS: I run Linux: Fedora 35, Kernel 5.15

Isn’t thunderbolt partially built into the processor and partly in the chipset?

My understanding was it’s a kind of generic signal that goes over PCIe, so the chip can be both on and off die. I could be wrong though.

I have the asus x570 ProArt and that has thunderbolt 4 onboard for IO, if your board has the TB header (some asus boards do) then you can get the asus pci-e card for it.

Yes. You need special headers. Some AMD motherboards have them, but don’t have official support for thunderbolt. (It mostly works though) but I’d your board doesn’t have TB headers, you won’t be able to use thunderbolt.

@notsimar @SgtAwesomesauce thanks for the response. I guess I’m shit out of luck, this is my board :frowning:

Yeah, unfortunately we don’t have USB 4 yet, so there is no recourse for most AMD boards.

On the plus side, we will soon have USB 4, so your next system will have thunderbolt support.

Has anyone else noticed that the new Z690 boards from both Asus and Gigabyte with Thunderbolt 4 support built-in, has no Display Port in available on the IO panel? I’m curious why this is the case and will this make TB Docks completely obsolete for anything that isn’t a Mac?

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