Thunderbolt 3 passthrough to windows vm


I just have a question and I may need some help with a weird issue with passings through the gigabyte titan ridge thunderbolt 3 card to a windows vm on ubuntu 20.04

Ok let me begin this long story.
On ubuntu in the grub configuration I said vfio-pci ids=xxxx.xxxx then the Id of the thunderbolt controller and it’s corisponding usb controller to isolated them from ubuntu .But here is the thing when I reboot for the changes to take place the vfio driver latches on and the devices is isolated but after a few minutes the device just disappears from the system and when I run lspci -nnk its just gone.

So I tried several methonds of isolation using vfio and pci-stub but nither worked it was just disappearing. But things got even wirder. After an hour I f struggling I just decided to go into virtmanager and assign the device to the windows vm and then when I started the vm the thunderbolt driver on Linux was replaced with the vfio driver and didn’t disappear and I was able to load the windows thunderbolt driver but I still appeared as a attached device in ubuntu and windows.

I don’t have a thunderbolt device at the moment to test hotplug support. But all I’m look for is an explanation to this wiredness. Any thoughts?


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