Throw in the towel on water cooler for 3900X?

So my computer started screaming today.

I have a setting in bios for when tdie hits 90 sound an alarm. Well, I installed [email protected] today and as soon as it was running my computer was screaming ta me about it.

I recently redid the paste too, so I’m confused. I recently moved, could there be na adr bubble in my pump? What other things should I check?

So this is literally after install of fah. I have turbo turned off on my proc, new paste, and my cooler is an h100i v2 am4 edition that I got in a trade.

I would like a water cooler. I know these h100’s can turd themselves easily, and I still have my wraith cooler. I could use that for a while and get a new CLC280? Or would an air cooler just over all be preferable?

Heres multiple hours later.

If so, is there an air cooler out that isn’t so damn ugly and loud?


I’m surprised people keep buying those Corsair coolers on mass… Corsair is making good ram and nothing else… Everything else is rebranded low quality garbage.

Arctic liquid freezer 360 will literally barely spin to keep your processor cool. The radiator is thick, the fans are super quiet and push air like nobodies business. There are also 280 and 240 and 120 versions… I don’t recall 140 or 480mm bit still there may as well be.
You want quiet? You go Arctic for cheap or Noctua for poop color…


Phanteks has like 4 different color options on their Double Big Ass Air Coolers that perfrom just as good as the Noctuas
I personally wouldn’t go AOI because pumps like to fail and they are often out performed by the above air coolers, either go Custom water or Double Big Ass Air Cooler

also try a repaste

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I have two Noctua NH-D15’s on both my 3900X and 3900XT and they are amazing coolers.
I can barely hear my CPU fans even at full load. I have a fairly aggressive fan curve so my CPU stays around 80 degrees C, but you can easily bring it down to 70 if you don’t mind the extra swoooosh noise. They make a black version which is slightly less ugly but still a giant piece of metal.

You can take a look at the Thermalright Macho which has VERY similar performance to the D15 but a couple of tens of dollars/euros cheaper depending on region: Macho Rev.B – Thermalright

I prefer to keep my cooling budget at around 2x TDP of the CPU, this way I can run the fans at around 50%. The D15 has a max TDP of 220W or something like that so plentiful for a 3900X even with some OC.

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87C seems like an OK temperature for [email protected] running. You know it’s like a benchmark running 24/7 at 100% cpu right? Idle temperature seems rather fine. What is your expectation?

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I mean I literally got it for free for a 5770 x3

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For it to not slam into the heat cieling I have. I have run folding at home a bdllion times and this is the first this has happened. My gooler was fine a month ago.

It might be a good idea to undervolt the CPU and reduce any of the below

The max temp for 3900X is 95C: amd-ryzen-9-3900x

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It may be acceptable for CPU limit, but I wouldn’t consider it ok…
My custom watercooled 3900X, with a 1080ti in the same water circuit, does never exceed 65C under any circumstances.

Yeah I rammed into my thermal cieling. I just wonder if my cooler is doing what H100i’s always do and is melhing the pump.

Or the pump turned performance mode on the water. If thats all it did call the thread off.

Custom water cooled vs AIO is no comparison…


That… Is annoyingly true.

Too bad I’m not dumping 300 dollars on a starter kit and another 250 on an external rad.

You get what you pay for.
Sometimes is not entirely true, as there are overrated and overpriced products, but it’s a general rule.
I do not recommend custom watercool setup if you don’t have the experience. My comment was about CPU temps, not comparing air, wc kit and custom wc.

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This is very true.

How is this cooler mounted? Thats the only other thing I can think of. Corsair used to be good, I still have coolers from a few years back and they work fine long as they are mounted properly and get good air flow. Are the fans and pump connected directly to the motherboard and controlled by bios? or running off the internal default settings? I only ask because it looks like your using Linux and the CRT terminal to look up temps.

You might be able to check the pump and fan speeds with something like liquidctl

Ah, ok. Well I’ll be looking into another aio eventually but I might stick to my wraith for now and do a dual tower cooler if I find one I like.

My machine ended up mith a really cool aesthetic with the water cooler and I’d hate to kill that. Plus it makes changing the gpu’s out stupid easy, which I do all the time.

Actually wait I didn’t even think about it thta way but half the reason for the water cooler is so theres nothing in the way of accessing the rest of the machine. Its in an XB Evo.

Pardon the mass of cables and the hole in the wall. I can’t put the vent back.

It could stand to be blown out but I don’t think thats the issue here.

A while ago it was making something of a harmonized humm, but I figured that was one of my shit tier hard drives dying and didn’t think much of it. Shelled and replaced the drive, haven’t heard the sound, didn’t think much of it.

Ginna install corsair control and see if I can get to bios and change some fancurves to be more aggressive. Might go buy a diff paste to try too. Is there a bigg difference between 5w/ and 3.3w/tk? I can’t spend a bunch on thermal paste, but I don’t imagine theres a terribly huge difference between arctic mx 4 and thermaltake tg7?

Shouldn’t be a big issue on paste. Unless the application is done horribly.
With the way the cooler is oriented it should be fine unless the coolant has evaporated enough it is REALLY low. You could try removing the fans and rad as a unit and holding it above the case as it runs to see if it works better, but I doubt that’s the issue.
I would think control would be a bigger issue here if you cant see what the pump is doing or the fans you really cant know if its working.

Corsair AIOs are junk. If you wanna try another one go with EK they have an rgb and a non lit variant. Currently the best on the market.