Throttling specified sites using dd-wrt

I’m looking for a way to throttle a few specific domains for everyone on my network. I know that using a vpn out will circumvent it, and I’m fine with that- it teaches anyone being throttled the advantages of using one.

I have a router with dd-wrt (I dream of pfsense and the like), and I’m having trouble finding a solution. I don’t quite understand dnsmasq, but I see that I can outright block some domains with


If I enter another ip instead of, can I use it to re-route traffic?
I’m thinking that if so, maybe send it to a docker container that does the throttling, then back out to the web?
I’ve read a little on tc, but not enough to make an attempt.
Am I way off?
I’m getting the feeling I’ll have to either build a better box with something like pfsense, or use tc directly on the existing router.

Not sure where to look, needing a couple course corrections