Thrift Store Gaming

Hello first forum post here. :) Just thought I would share my story about purchasing PC games from thrift stores. Yesterday I was at my local thrift shop and picked up a copy of The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion as well as III Morrowind, and Half Life GOTY and all of them worked I redeemed my CD key on steam and got all the Half Life Expansions and Ricochet as well as CS. Have you had any luck with buying PC games from thrift stores or garage sales please share below. 

Went into a charity shop one time just browsing while the girlfriend looked for bargins on clothes and the like.


Spotted Bioshock 1 and 2 for €1.50 so I grabbed 'em. Never played them before and still haven't actually but I know I will when I get the chance.



Not video game related but I also got the entire hardback collection of the 1968 Popular mechanics Encyclopedia last weekend in a very similar situation. I'm browsing, mostly waiting, spot them and slap down a tenner. They are all in perfect condition too. Not one mark on any of them and filled with cool old school illustraions and images to compliment the how to's.

Great Story. Thanks for the reply, Defintley try and clear up your schedule for the first Bioshock don't expect infinite but its still worth the playthrough. Yeah forgot to mention how much this was all together total including a nice keyboard was $8.50.


Yeah, I bought it on pure name alone having so many people speak highly of the first one and sort of the second one.