Three Monitor Setup Nvidia & Intel

My setup is this:

  • GTX560I
  • Core i5-3570K
  • MSI Z77A-G41

I was wondering if there's anyway i can use the onboard vga as strictly as a preview screen for video editing. I know that the nvidia cards wont allow three monitors on on card despite the three outputs on the back. I've googled it up and I've seen some people have success on using different nvidia cards to get more than two monitors. I wanna beable to use the onboard but I don't want this to effect the performance of games while running both the GPU and onboard. Any help would be pleased, I'm running out of room on two monitors.


You can do just that, enable the iGPU on your CPU and plug 1 or 2 monitors directly into the Mobo. I'm doing the exact same thing right now actually and it works just fine without affecting the performance in any way. Just enable the iGPU in the BIOS (it turns off by default as soon as you plug in a dedicated GPU), install the VGA drivers from intel if you haven't already and just plug in the additional monitors.