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Threadripper & RTX

Hey all! so before I get started I’m looking at this from purely a vfx artist, and game artist/developer point of view.

I currently have a TR 1950x and a 980ti (I know, a dinosaur at this point).
I want to get a TR 2990wx and a Titan RTX, but given that we’re close to 2020, I have a feeling the moment I upgrade AMD will release the next gen of TR, and Nvidia with their next gen RTX cards. I’m just curious if the new versions will be worth the wait.

I know that the yearly release trends only seem to have a small margin of performance increase, so it might be better if I just go with the 2990wx, and the Titan RTX…but who knows, maybe there might be a good reason to wait? Something I don’t know about/missing?

Side note, I’m comparing the Titan RTX with the RTX 2080TI and while the performance difference is minuscule (and much more inexpensive), I’m choosing the Titan RTX because the extra VRam, for Octane and Redshift rendering software (the more VRam the better for them). Although I’m wondering if the extra cost will be worth it or not.

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Threadripper 3xxx series will be launching latter this month. STRONGLY recommend you wait that little bit of time.


Whooooa! Nice. I’ll have to wait and see what the performance of these look like then. Thanks for the tip. You know I was watching videos a while ago about the 3xxx series, but totally forgot that they’ll release this year.



I mean… I don’t know but I wish I did… I’m not being sarcastic or toxic, I’m just curious.

Are 3 year old flagship components really old?

Is there something you can’t really do with them?

I rock a 2012 laptop, bought a 2400G last month… but like… I’m no VFX artist and shit, just learning web development… I guess it might be the use case of use that makes components obsolete so fast?


Lol no worries man I get you. For gaming and light game development/vfx it’s still a beast. It’s been a while since I’ve played any AAA games on my PC, but last I remembered playing DOOM and maxed out the settings, and it just chewed through it flawlessly.

But for high-end vfx and 3D art, it would be nice to have a little more boost in performance, especially when doing R&D. as a game developer/artist, naturally I want to R&D realtime raytracing for a new game I’m developing, but I can’t do it with a 980TI. As for vfx I use Arnold, which is a CPU based renderer, but I want to alternate to Octane and/or Redshift, but they’re GPU based renderers.


It really is use case. Some of the software this dude needs to run isn’t even usable with medium to large projects open on a (2400g) for example.

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Oh I see it’s a fairly specific scenario.

But as Mon said it’d be better to wait for TR 3000, you would at least get some discount on TR 2000 even

Good luck!

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Yeah that’s what I was thinking, if I don’t think that the 3xxx series is a fit for me then I can always fall back to the sweet discount deals on the 2990wx.

All depends on what you do with them. I used to run 980 Tis and they kick ass, rn I’m on an RVII though. I have a pair of GTX 780s on the way, by all accounts those still perform quite well for 1080p. And the latest CPU I have is my 5960X from 2014, that thing still claps and it’s 5 years old.

Though for the OP’s workload, the 6GB VRAM on a 980 Ti will be really limiting. For just gaming they’re great though, only issue I had with my 980 Ti was trying to push Very High textures in Rise of The Tomb Raider (that’ll use 7.5-8GB VRAM at 1080p).

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the 3000 series of the TR should be quite beastly if the ryzen 3000 series is any indicator.

better memory handling a bit more mature and combined with pcie 4.0 nvmes you will probably be looking at close to the next gen performance .

Almost because ddr5 is somewhere on the horizon and that with TR 3000 + pcie 4 would be true next gen .

i eagerly await amds unveiling of TR3 … should be quite the powerhouse.

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Well yeah unfortunately TR4 is eol in terms of cpu upgrade ability.
The best cpu you could get would be 2990WX.
But then you gonna need a decent cooling solution and a good motherboard for it.
I don’t know what your current motherboard is.
You could of course also upgrade to a 2950X, for slightly better performance.
But it’s kinda questionable if that is really going to be worth it on an eol platform.

But unfortunately the new Threadripper 3000 series are not backwards compatible with X399 TR boards.

AMD launched a new TRX40 platform.
So for the Threadripper 3000 series you gonna need to buy a new board as well.

That is the question I’ve been struggling with, investing in the EOL platform at a discount. From what I’ve read, the new 24 core is going to cost $1400USD. The current 24 core 2970wx is on sale right now for under $1000USD. So that’s a $500US difference on the CPU alone. Assuming the new platform will be more expensive (likely), and considering X399 stuff is on sale right now, it’s an agonizing decision! For the OP, he seems to keep his hardware for quite a while, so it would really depend on budget I think.

I have the ASUS PRIME X399-A
P.S. The MSI Creator TRX40 seems really nice, for when the new TR’s release… and not a lot of flashy RGB! lol

Yeah I watched an update video about the new 3000 series, and that was mentioned. I’m okay with that though because I don’t really like the Asus Prime that much.

Yeah I try to keep my stuff for a while, but the 3970x looks like a tantalizing upgrade from the 1950x. I wanted to upgrade when the 2990x released, but most studios I work with never like to provide remote working (which is stupid), so I couldn’t justify spending the money if I wasn’t going to work at home more often. Granted I do R&D on my spare time, and work on my portfolio. I am however, working more from home now with my own projects and startup company.

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Well yeah that particular is also only an 8 phase board for vcore.
So in that regards it wont be the most ideal board for a 2970WX or 2990WX cpu anyways.

So yeah maybe it might be worth to stick with you currently have.
And then wait a while out, maybe prices on the new TRX40 boards,
and cpu´s will lower a bit next year.