Threadripper RAM?

Hello! I am just going to post this here as there does not seem to be a RAM section on the forum.

I couldn’t restrain myself and just ordered a 2920x, an Asrock Taichi and a 970 EVO that was a good deal.

That EVO drive had unexpected consequences to my budget and now I am looking for something cheaper RAM-wise. I am looking for 32GB of RAM at a 4 x 8GB configuration, preferably at 3200MHz.


  1. Is Samsung B Die still the go-to for AMD chips? I know it is the best performing RAM but is it necessary for frequencies over 2933 on TR2?

  2. Does 3200 really matter over 2933 if 2933 can be achieved with cheaper Samsung/Hynix-powered RAM?

  3. How much of a sucker am I drooling over that ridiculously expensive Gskill Trident RGB B Die sweetness?

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some options for gskill ryzen pretested quad kits 2999mhz and 3200mhz look for the mainboards too in the qlv list

Wendell did a video on this

honestly getting to like 2933 is good enough probably better to tighten up timings at that point. Dual rank will recover some of the speed loss. I would just shoot for CL 14 3000 ish personally if i didnt go the 2666 ECC route


Well those videos didn’t really answer my questions as the lower clocked DIMMs where dual rank and therefore faster compared to single rank 2933 clocked DIMMs.

I posted this after having watched the first video anyways.

I went for the usual recommendations and so I ordered a kit of F4-3000C14Q-32GTZR B die sticks, so they should be able to clock higher at these timings.

Had to look around for a couple of days but found a good deal at a local shop! (386 EUR)

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